Podcast #2: HSST, “upmarket speed-dating” and the value of an art project!

Press play to hear our second interview with two more scientists enrolled on the HSST programme (40mins).

In this second episode I chat with Joe Wood (Radiotherapy Physics, The Christie Centre) and Oliver Marmoy (Neurophysiology/Vision Science, Great Ormond Street Hospital). Joe and Oliver share an honest account of their experiences on the HSST programme.

There are new insights in this episode with more detail about the structure of the programme and what it takes to succeed. Find out why an art project is relevant in scientific training, which element is described as “upmarket speed-dating”, and which of our guests wrote a leadership essay in a tent on a motorbike tour!

Sincere thanks to Joe and Oliver for chatting with me. You can find them on Twitter using @joewood86 and @O.Marmoy. Thanks also to @timhusselbury94 for editing the podcast.

Happy listening!

Emma Rees

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