Critical appraisal of research for trainees and novices

This talk was prepared for scientist trainees in cardiology attending the British Society of Echocardiography Conference in 2020. The conference organisers have kindly agreed that it can be shared with others.

I am no expert on this topic but wanted to share one approach that trainees might find helpful. If you have greater expertise or a different approach and you are willing to share with other healthcare scientists, please do get in touch! I’m still learning every day.

Why not take advantage of the fact that this is a recorded session and do the worked example alongside me. Download the research paper and critical appraisal tool highlighted at the start of the talk and use ‘pause’ at the points where you need to read and then ‘play’ when you’re ready to resume. I have used a review relevant to cardiac imaging but the focus is on the process of appraising the paper, so this should be relevant to other disciplines.

Recording a narrated talk is very different from delivering a live session so please forgive the rather stilted start and any verbal stumbles!

I hope that this is useful,


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