Looking for motivation to start your STP equivalence journey?

The opportunity to become a registered Clinical Scientist is such an exciting development for many healthcare professionals who aspire to advanced practice and consultant roles. Despite this, some practitioners seem reluctant to pursue registration though the AHCS equivalence route – The Clinical Scientist is on a mission to change that!

I was recently invited to deliver a talk about the STP equivalence process at a national event for cardiac physiologists. The brief was to motivate practitioners to consider the journey and to provide an overview of the process. I was delighted to hear that so many at the event found the talk helpful but unfortunately, the live event was not recorded. Several organisations have been in touch to ask for the slides. The sponsors have kindly agreed that I can freely share this recorded version of the talk which I hope will be more helpful than the unnarrated set of slides. Although the talk was delivered to a cardiology audience, the content is very broad so might be useful for other disciplines.

If this talk inspires you to take the first step to becoming a Clinical Scientist, please visit our webpages on equivalence where you will find a whole host of useful links, a more detailed presentation about the application process, and a list of coaches who are willing to support you FREE of charge.

As always, please get in touch with comments or questions via our Twitter account @TheClinSci!

Settle down with a cup of tea for this recording since it is ~50mins long.

Best wishes,


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