Podcast #4: The journey from idea to innovation

Grab a cuppa and press play for a 45 minute journey through taking an idea from local practice to the public.

Clinical Scientists are inventive. Many of us have new ideas that improve our practice, patient experience and outcomes. We perform research to ensure that the new idea or invention works, we disseminate that through publication but could we be doing more to ensure that a wider audience benefits from our work? How can we maximise our impact?

NHS organisations and universities are increasingly recognising the importance of commercialising innovations to maximise impact, but what does that involve? We spoke with Matt Swift, Nadiya Johal and Tim Searle about their experiences of developing the Altilium App (@AltiliumApp) for cardiac physiologists to use in pacemaker clinics. Listen to find out more about the steps in the process, intellectual property, the costs involved and ideas for how innovation could be better supported in practice.

Please let us know what you think and to share any innovation resources which you think others might find helpful. The best way to do this is through our Twitter account @TheClinSci.

Thanks to Matt, Nadiya and Tim for taking the time to chat, and to @timhusselbury94 for editing the podcast.


The Clinical Scientist

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