You might be wondering why we have a whole section of the website on coaching. We want to actively show our commitment to the development of others.

For some specialisms, the role of Clinical Scientist is new and there is a need for a significant change in professional culture. Progress to date has been slow. There is a lack of awareness about what a Clinical Scientist is, how it may be different from the role of experienced practitioner. Sometimes, the role is not valued by Heads of Service who are comfortable with the status quo. Practitioners may not be encouraged to follow this route to a senior role. 


The Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) programme articulates a clear pathway through grades to consultant level, a role previously unavailable to many specialisms. Becoming registered as a Clinical Scientist opens the door to so many opportunities. Some senior positions, secondments and grants are only available to those on a statutory register. Access to higher specialist scientific training and consultant grades require registration as a Clinical Scientist. Becoming a Clinical Scientist removes the glass ceiling that exists in some professions. 

How can we accelerate the pace of change?

In departments where one or two people become Clinical Scientists through equivalence, there appears to be a snowball effect. The success of the pioneers becomes infectious. Others feel motivated to apply. This works well within a hospital but we want to start that snowball effect in many other departments.

We hope that by extending this offer of coaching we can impact the pace and scale of change. It might not work, but is worth trying!

You can find more detail about the equivalence route to registration and the offer of coaching using the buttons below. 

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