It is ironic that in an increasingly virtual world it can be more difficult to make new meaningful connections. The informal conversations that trigger new ideas are less likely to happen at webinars and online meetings.

Social media is a powerful tool. Medical and scientific communities are embracing the educational power of Twitter. Yet there is still a tendency for many to ‘follow’ those in the same profession or specialism. To broaden our thinking we should make connections with people in other fields, who think differently and who can challenge our assumptions.

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In the spotlight this week…

We want to use this space to increase the visibility of some of the amazing Clinical Scientists across the UK. Let’s lift each other up. Please consider reaching out to say hello to the people who appear here and follow them on Twitter.

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Marie BelcherMarie Belcher (@mariehardy162) is the Respiratory Physiology lead at the Countess of Chester Hospital. Marie is heavily involved in driving the profession forward and advocating for those in her field. She is the Examinations Chair for the Association for Respiratory Physiology and Technology (ARTP),  is contributing to the NSHCS respiratory and sleep curriculum review and assesses the OSFA

In her clinical role, Marie ensures that outpatient clinics for the CPAP and respiratory physiology services run effectively, leading the maintenance of contemporary evidence-based practice. The demand on respiratory and sleep services continues to grow so an important part of her role is to manage demand and capacity, to lead service evaluation and identify opportunities for improved or new models of care. 

Having achieved Clinical Scientist status through the equivalence route, Marie is passionate about supporting others to do the same. She has volunteered free coaching through this website and you can find her details on the Coaching for Success page.

Oh, and if you want to know what it’s like to summit Kilimanjaro, Marie can tell you!

Fancy reading something?

This news article by Smriti Mallapaty in nature discusses how “Scientists’ worlds will shrink in the Wake of the pandemic”. It is one of a series of articles that considers how research will change

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is a reaction, both are transformed.

C.J. Jung