Coaching for success

Why Coaching?

  1. Make a connection with a Clinical Scientist who will support and stretch you on your professional journey.
  2. Set realistic, time-bound goals and achieve them!
  3. Challenge your assumptions and seize new opportunities.

Our coaches want to offer their time and experience to support others on their professional journey. Our initial priority is to offer coaching to those applying to become Clinical Scientists through the equivalence route. We love what we do and we do it with passion. We want to inspire and motivate others to achieve their professional goals.

What can you expect?

There is no charge for this support! Your coach will want to hear about your journey and to understand where you are in the equivalence application process. They will support you to develop realistic actions to achieve your goal of registering as a Clinical Scientist.

Together, you will decide the time-frame for coaching and how often you will meet. All meetings will take place in a virtual environment and correspondence will be through your work email address. At the end of every meeting you will commit to specific actions. Naturally, your coach will expect you to have completed the actions by the next meeting. This is what you want! When someone holds us to account we are more likely to act. 

Your coach will help you identify useful resources and offer occasional suggestions but they are not a ‘fixer’; they will not simply provide all the answers you need. There is already a Clinical Scientist in you – that’s why you are applying for equivalence! Coaching uses careful questioning, critique and reflection to challenge your thinking so that YOU become able to identify the solutions. We will suggest that coaches use the GROW model to support your interactions but they may choose whatever methods they prefer.

How to access a coach?

Browse our list of coaches below. Click on the name to find out more about the Clinical Scientist. Make a note of the person you think is best able to support your journey. Contact us with information about your specialism and preferred coach. We will establish the connection for you and get the process underway.

We are asking that requests come through one place to make it easier for coaches and to ensure that no-one is overwhelmed with requests. 

What are you waiting for?

You can do this. Start your journey today.

Cardiac Science

Dr Emma Rees – Echocardiography

Miss Hayley Langridge – Cardiac Rhythm Management

Miss Maria Paton – Echocardiography and Cardiac Rhythm Management

Mr James Malcolmson – Echocardiography

Dr James Willis – Echocardiography

Mrs Sadie Bennett – Echocardiography

Mr Dario Freitas – Echocardiography

Dr Camelia Daniela Demetrescu – Echocardiography

Respiratory and Sleep Science

Ms Marie Belcher


Ms Kylie Montgomery


Dr Jo Horne

Want to find a coach or offer coaching?